In our play schools we try our education should be educative, transformative but not strenuous.A wide variety of activities to stimulate language learning, such as art and crafts, baking, music.Professional Crayons n colours  teachers will take care of your child’s safety as it’s our #1 priority.We ensure that our curriculum and teaching methodology strongly adapt to ensuring basic skills.


Play School
Age: Starting at 1.5 years


Nursery School
Age: 2.5 years


Lower KG
Age: 3.5 years


Upper KG 
Age: 4.5 years


Day Care
10 months onward


Summer Camp
Age: Below 7 years

Crayons n colours works towards exploring the innate potential of each child believing each child to be unique. Our goal is to stimulate their curiosity, guide them to explore, help them to acquire skills and instils the joy of learning which would set the tone for the rest of their lives.

Our programs incorporate an integrated curriculum that promotes learning primarily through music, art, drama, dance, projects; discover centres, computer activities, field trips, outdoor play and adventures.

Our Mission is to offer quality education which aims at realizing the full potential- physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – of each child. We hope to present the world to our children, so in turn; they can present themselves to the world.

We at Crayons n colours believe that education is not just restricted to books or within the four walls of the classroom. It is a continuous process of growing and learning. Therefore, without imposing structures in the child’s learning process, we create spaces in which the child can engage in a continuous and spontaneous process of self discovery.

At Crayons n colours, the faculty relentlessly pursues and promotes every child’s active participation and involvement in the learning process with emphasis on fun learning and hands on activities. We acknowledge individual differences and appreciate them at every step. We strive to make the child a complete human being, self confident, inquiring and tolerant who will be an asset to the society, nation and the world. Read more

Separation of Kidney Beans and Chick Peas 

Child’s cognitive & sensory development i.e. sorting by size, shape and colour.

Child’s sensory development i.e.  Soft & hard difference.

Cognitive development: Cognitive development is the development of those mental processes or skills that enable an individual to get to know his environment.

Sensory development : Stimulating the senses like see, hear, touch, move, taste and smell.

Improves eye – hand coordination

Develops visual discrimination

Develops ability to classify according to texture.

LKG Activity

Lady Finger Printing 


Sensory and motor development.

Differentiation between colours and appreciation of the natural shape of vegetable.

Improves the grips of fingers & thumb.

Stimulates their imagination.

Sensory development : Stimulating the senses like see, hear, touch, move, taste, and smell.

Improves eye – hand co-ordination.

Develops visual discrimination.

Develops ability to classify according to texture.

Motor development: Motor development means the development of control over bodily movements through the coordinated activity of the nerve centres, the nerves, and the muscles.

Tear and paste


Sensory & motor development to experience the feel of tearing of paper & sticking it.

Development of fine hand-eye coordination.

Sensory development : Stimulating the senses like see, hear, touch, move, taste, and smell.

Improves hand-eye coordination.

Develops visual discrimination.

Develops ability to classify according to texture.

UKG Activity

Nimbus Pani & Fruit Chaat Making 

Physical and Motor Development

Increase the ability to follow instructions.

Children learn to cooperate with each other.

Develop concept of smell.

Develop concept of taste.

Stimulates colour imagination.

Increase body – hand control & strength.

Helps in their social development.


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