Play school education is the stepping stone to the future.  It is the basic level of the educational pyramid which is crucial as it lays the foundation of knowledge in a child and enhances their personality traits. It cannot be over emphasised that in today’s world where there is an information explosion and children are exposed to unprecedented variety of impressionable events and incidents, especially in visual form, there is a crying need to ensure that they are carefully guided through this explosion with love, care and diligence.

Therefore, we at Crayons n colours  conceive and practice our curriculum as an extension of parental child rearing or a way of preparing children into a social order or role. Our understanding of human ecology, the advancement in technology and the recognition of importance of the growth and development during this early impressionable, plastic period has made us realize that the choice for educating the young minds is not between a artificial or a natural environment, but between a planned and a haphazard programme of learning. Therefore we attempt to streamline our curriculum in such a way that natural human interactions between the teacher and the student, between the student and his peers takes place effectively with equal opportunity of growth to everyone.

“Education is that which remains, if one has forgotten everything that he has learnt in school “ – Einstein

We at Crayons n colours believe in and hence aspire to realise this adage. 

How one teaches can drastically affect what is taught. Also, the extent to which students are sufficiently prepared and motivated to study particular content will affect greatly what is learnt. These situations create gaps between the ideal curriculum and the actual curriculum. This is where the work of the facilitator – a teacher begins. The process begins with its main focus: the learner.

Deeply rooted in the practicality and applicability of learning, we at Crayons n colours  aim to practice, develop and design an “enriched curriculum” that goes beyond the printed words of text books and the confines of the classroom. The result is analyzing, experimenting, applying, evaluating and challenging the proven facts to create an attitude of inquiry driven by self-motivation.

With a multi dimensional approach, our curriculum follows the scientific learning theories of Multiple Intelligences, Blooms Taxonomy, Brain Research and Interdisciplinary learning whose elements are precisely reflected in the knowledge based, as well as skill, based activities throughout the year.

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